jueves, 10 de enero de 2008


2 14 Oz Cans Thai Kitchen Coconut Milk
1/2 Cup Vegetable Stock
1 To 4 Tbs. Thai Kitchen Red Curry Paste (4 Tbs. Is Spicy.)
4 Tbs. Thai Kitchen Fish Sauce
2 Tbs. Brown Sugar Or Thai Kitchen Coconut (Palm) Sugar
1/2 Cup Sliced Zucchini
1/3 Cup Or 8 Oz Can Sliced Bamboo Shoots, Rinsed And Drained
Cilantro For Garnish
1/2 Cup Snow Peas
1/2 Cup Sliced Fresh Mushrooms

Bring To Boil Coconut Milk, Red Curry Paste, Vegetable Stock, Fish Sauce, And Palm Sugar. Simmer 15 Minutes. Garnish With Cilantro. Serves 4 With Jasmine Rice.

By, chef javier Rocca Atzenweiler

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