jueves, 10 de enero de 2008

Chinese food Ingredients-1 Part.

Abalone: A large marine snail and a delicacy in Chinese food called "Pao Yu"

Adzuki beans: A small reddish-brown bush bean cultivated in China and Japan . Extremely versatile, adzukis can be eaten fresh or dried, or ground into flour and used to make cakes.

Agaricus mushroom: Plump, dome-shaped mushrooms, ranging in size from small (button mushrooms) to big. The most widely cultivated and consumed mushroom, these common mushrooms have a mild and earthy flavor.

All purpose flour: Finely ground white wheat flour containing a moderate amount of protein; used for a wide variety of general baking and cooking.

Almonds: Its varieties are classified as either sweet or bitter. Sweet varieties are edible and used in some Chinese stir fried dishes, though not very common

Bamboo shoots: These crisp shoots of tropical bamboo give a sweetness and crunch to many dishes, especially stir-fries, and are very popular in Chinese cuisine.

Beancurd stick: Also called dried tofu stick or dried bean stick, this is made by skimming and dry the skin that forms on the top of heated soy milk

Bean Sheet: Also known as Bean Thread Sheet or Mung Bean Sheet ( "Fen Pi" / "La Pi") are made from the starch of mung beans.

Bean sprouts: Called "Nga Choi" in Cantonese, is the young sprouts of the germinating mung bean. Bean sprouts are used extensively as a vegetable in Chinese cooking and can be easily obtained fresh from most western supermarkets

Bell Pepper: Also known as sweet pepper is a bell-shaped variety of mild peppers belonging to the Capsicum family. Their juicy flesh has a mild, sweet flavor and crisp texture.

Bitter melon: also known as the balsam pear or bitter gourd ("ku gua" in Chinese where "ku" is bitter and "gua" melon) is a long fruit resembling a cucumber with bumpy skin. It is quite popular in Chinese cooking where the fruit is often braised, stir fried or steamed and is added to a dish consisting of pork, onions, ginger, and black bean sauce

Black beans, fermented: Also known as Chinese black beans and salted black beans are soy beans, strongly flavored and preserved in salt and spices, is an important ingredient in Chinese cooking, especially Cantonese and Szechuan

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