domingo, 20 de enero de 2008

Chop Chae

2 oz Clear noodles
1 tb Oil1 ts Salt
2 Celery stalks sliced diagonally
2 md Onions; sliced vertically
1/2 lb Mushrooms, fresh or canned
1 md Carrot; shredded
1/4 lb Fresh snow peas; julienned
1/2 lb Beef or chicken
2 Eggs
1 Soy sauce
Fresh ground black pepper


Soak noodles in hot water; drain and chop coarsely.
Beat eggs, fry and cut into thin strips.
Cut meat into thin pieces and marinate as in Bul-ko-kee.
Heat wok; add oil; when hot, add salt and stir-fry vegetables one at a time. As vegetables are cooked, remove and keep warm in a large metal bowl or pot on low heat.
Fry meat last; add to vegetables; add noodles; mix well and season to taste with soy sauce and pepper; garnish with egg strips.

International Food Recipes

la cocina de Dani Garcia. Marbella.